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We're Halfway Through The Election! Here's What We've, Um, Learned

39 days down, 39 to go. God help us all.

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We've done it. We've hit the halfway mark of the 42nd Canadian federal election. And Stephen Harper marked the occasion with one of his patented barn-burning campaign stops.


In Prince Edward Island Stephen Harper promised millions of dollars to the lobster industry. At a potato plant. He made a lobster announcement at a potato plant.

So it hasn't been the most exciting campaign for news. But candidates are dropping like flies.


On the campaign trail, Conservative supporters and the media have not been getting along.

Vote for Harper, you lying piece of shit. #OldSwearingConservative #cdnpoli #DuffyTrial

Really at all.

Getting heckled as you ask about a refugee crisis. Good times. #elxn42


Much of the campaign has been spent arguing over where the politicians will argue. First they fought over who would host the political debates. Then it was over how many debates there would be. Now it's over bilingualism. Save a bit for the stage, guys.

In this shot Mansbridge's telling Trudeau he feels a chill, Justin is urging him to stay until the last light falls.

How odd has this election been? Conservative cabinet minister-turned-failed-Conservative-candidate-turned-failed-Liberal-candidate Eve Adams claimed Stephen Harper ordered people to ignore a fainting woman, and no one batted an eye.

So so many questions. Why did Harper force everyone to ignore the pregnant girl who fainted.


Only 4 people standing in the room. Rest had chairs. The long working-female who fainted was pregnant. When 3 of us tried to help, screams!

Other than every leader claiming to have the best plan for the economy, there wasn't much else to talk about. Then the refugee issue hit home.

Dimitris Michalakis / Reuters

What are the parties promising?

The Conservatives are sticking by their earlier promise to let in 10,000 more refugees from Syria by the end of 2017.

The NDP are committing to that same number but by the end of this year, plus opening up unlimited private sponsorships.

The Liberals are promising to admit a further 25,000 refugees on top of the 10,000 already promised.

So what can we expect in the second half? Ads. With a supersized $50-million spending cap, you're going to see election ads everywhere. And if you think they were over-the-top before, welcome to the "spitting on a Canadian flag" phase of the campaign.

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