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    Stephen Harper Left His Party's Big Caucus Meeting After Just A Few Minutes

    That was quick.

    The Conservatives are holding a highly-anticipated caucus meeting today. Stephen Harper faced all of the Conservative MPs for the first time since they lost the election... for about three minutes.

    Shortly after 1 p.m. the caucus could be heard singing O Canada at the start of their meeting.

    Just moments later, BuzzFeed Canada reporters were heading to the cafeteria for a snack doing important journalism work when suddenly, Harper emerged from the caucus room with his staff.

    Reporters gave chase and captured this EXCLUSIVE image of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    BuzzFeed Canada

    We tried to ask him some questions, but he must not have heard us because he kept walking.

    So why did Harper leave caucus so quickly? Did he not want to give MPs a chance to criticize the election campaign he ran? Or maybe it was the opposite?

    I think the opposite, he wants them to be able to do that in a way they wouldn't if he were there. No?

    All in all it was a weird day for Harper. The news site Blacklock's Reporter came across him as he arrived.

    Blacklock's Reporter

    They reported he entered through a side entrance used by recycling trucks, and then took a freight elevator upstairs.

    Blacklock's Reporter

    So clearly Harper's aversion to talking to reporters hasn't changed. But is he going to take back entrances every day now? Is he actually going to stick around as an opposition MP?

    We'll ask him if we can find him.