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    Someone Gave The Media A Bunch Of False Info About Canada’s Syrian Refugee Plan

    Things are way different than they were under the Conservatives, but perhaps not in the way the Liberals planned.

    The new era of openness in Ottawa may have a backfire-effect on the Liberals. Their first major government announcement Tuesday was hounded by advance leaks and misinformation. This wasn't normal under the Conservatives.

    Put another way, there will be proportionately fewer young Syrian men brought into Canada, but there is not a blanket ban.

    The CBC also reported that refugees will be housed in military bases for about a month and the Liberals were worried about these temporary housing situations being seen as "camps." The price of the program was reported at $1.2 billion over six years by both CBC and The Canadian Press.

    All of that was different in the final plan. The government says refugees will be sent immediately to their new communities once they are processed in Canada. Spaces in military bases are being set aside, but the government says this is only a contingency plan. They list the cost of the program at $678 million over six years, about half of what CP and the CBC reported.

    One senior Liberal said they don't know where the information came from but they suspect it was from someone who did not have their best interests at heart. In other words, someone trying to screw them.

    The CBC and Rosemary Barton are standing by the story. It remains on the CBC website, unedited. And Barton said she does not believe it is inaccurate.