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"Original" Star Wars Script Found In New Brunswick Library Is Just A Copy

The fake is strong in this one.

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A short time ago in a province not far away a university professor discovered what appeared to be an original shooting script of the first Star Wars movie. CBC broke the story on June 8th.

The script was labelled "revised fourth draft" and dated to March 15, 1976, a year before the theatrical release of Star Wars.

The story was picked up by The Canadian Press and quickly spread.

The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Global and CTV quickly picked up the story. It then went international through Yahoo News, Deadline, The Washington Times, Entertainment Weekly, Mental Floss, and many others.

But like the goofy CGI aliens added to the Special Editions the CBC went back and edited the story to disappoint Star Wars fans.


One day after the original story ran the CBC changed the story's headline to add "copy of" before "Original Star Wars script."

They also subtly added a line in the 9th paragraph saying Lucasfilm got back to them and essentially debunked the story. It turns out the script was likely a fan-made copy that can be bought at conventions.


Copies of Star Wars scripts like this are widely available online and some can be bought for under 20 bucks.


So unfortunately New Brunswick does not own a small piece of Star Wars history. Chalk this up as yet another painful revision to Star Wars fans along with Greedo shooting first, Jabba the Hutt in Mos Eisley, a terrible Australian accent on Boba Fett, Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi, weird tentacles in the sarlacc pit, and on, and on, and on.