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    Maxime Bernier Just Sealed His Re-Election With This Weird, Catchy Campaign Jingle

    "He's a guy who's like us. He's a guy who knows us."

    How's your Monday going? Do you miss summer already? Wish you'd spent more vacation time with your kids? Is Janice one desk over doing that annoying thing with her nails? Well forget all that. Maxime Bernier is here to PUMP YOU UP.

    Facebook: maxime.bernier.beauce

    The over-the-shoulder sweater shows he means business.

    Bernier, a Conservative MP and cabinet minister running for re-election, just released this radio ad on French airwaves.

    Here are the English lyrics:

    “Do like us and vote Bernier, Maxime Bernier / Our MP / He’s a guy who’s like us / He’s a guy who knows us / With him we’re confident / With him we're moving forward / Do like us and vote Bernier, Maxime Bernier / Authorized and paid for by Aline Drouin, official agent of Maxime Bernier"

    Bernier is continuing a proud tradition of Quebec campaign hit songs like the Bloc Quebecois' 2006 ad Heureusement.

    View this video on YouTube

    How did Gilles Duceppe not become prime minister on the strength of this song alone? Politics truly is unpredictable.

    Bernier has given us one of the catchiest jingles since — stay with us for a second — the "no" side of the 1988 Chilean national referendum put out an ad that helped bring down Augusto Pinochet. See for yourself.

    View this video on YouTube

    And of course no discussion of game-changing jingles would be complete without Marineland.

    View this video on YouTube

    For now we can only hope Bernier has kicked off a new trend of election campaign jingles.

    And if you'd like to vote for Maxime, you'll have to promptly pack up your things and move to the Quebec community of Beauce.

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