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    There’s A Hilarious Facebook Campaign Against “Burly” Teens Using A Hockey Rink In New Brunswick

    "Burly male teenagers" who reportedly "don't care about the rules" are keeping people up as they play outdoor hockey.

    Christmas is supposed to be a time when people come together. But tell that to the residents of Rothesay, New Brunswick's richest community. Oh, they were happy once. Before The Troubles began.

    Town of Rothesay. / Via

    This was Rothesay's community park before it was renovated. The town gave the park a $2.4 million facelift that included a new, bigger skating rink.

    Some people who live around the park weren't pleased. Area resident Margaret Leahey set up the Facebook group Save the Rothesay Common. She's posted hundreds of times over the past two years outlining how the renovations have been a disaster.

    Hundreds of people showed up Monday to celebrate the opening of the new skating rink.

    CBC News / Via

    Little did they know that what they were really skating on was controversy.

    Within hours of park opening, youths were already breaking the rules.

    Leahey says she's not trying to spoil anyone's fun, but wants the town to enforce the curfew so residents can sleep.

    "We just want to ensure the rules are followed," she told BuzzFeed Canada.

    That same night Leahey sent this update. "11:40pm and a large group of burly male teenagers are still playing a fast paced game of hockey. The sound of the pucks and the force at which they are being shot can be heard by area residents."

    The post goes on to say that the teenagers were scary and threatening, with one gesturing with his hockey stick and calling Leahey a "rat."

    "Common area residents should be able to feel safe," she wrote, "and not be threatened by burly male teenagers who don't care about rules or keeping people up while they play hockey. #Shockingandfedup"

    She feared they may try to break the rules again to skate on Christmas.

    "Who will keep the people off the ice after 4pm Christmas eve and all through Christmas day -- as skating is not permitted then?" she wrote.

    Some people just didn't understand.

    Soon the page was filled with arguments about the hockey players.

    The hockey kids and their families chimed in. Save the Rothesay Common explained "this is a residential neighbourhood NOT Disneyland."

    Others mocked that the kids should be inside playing zombie video games, not playing outside.

    Many of the haters were from nearby Saint John.

    "You live in Saint John!" You have no idea what we have been going through here... nor do you have a financial interest here, as we residents of Rothesay do. But good luck to you."

    It wasn't just the hockey. The park was made to look like a prison.

    Complete with bad architecture.

    Indeed, it was a cone.

    Rothesay was literally tearing itself apart.

    Meetup at Rothesay Commons tonight @ 10:01pm!! #getrowdy

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    TONIGHT AT THE #ROTHESAYCOMMONS: going to get turnt up and re-enact FURY ROAD. #ShockedAndFedUp

    Leahey wrote on Facebook that if the city didn't nip this in the bud, "Common area residents may try to intervene with such thugs and the results could be even more serious."

    In a last-minute twist, the Facebook page debate got so heated that, on Christmas Eve, Leahey shut it down.

    CBC News / Via

    "Whats happened is a vulgar, vicious attack by some people who I'm sure don't even live here and who don't understand the issue," Leahey told BuzzFeed Canada.

    She said it's about enforcing town rules but also public safety. The new rink is so popular that people are driving in from all over the region, causing a lot of traffic that could hurt children.

    Finally, things got so bad that mother nature had to step in.

    Due to unseasonably warm weather the Ice at the Rothesay Common will be closed until Sat. Dec. 26th at 9am.

    We can only guess what will happen after then. But Leahey says the Facebook page is just on pause so they can have a quiet Christmas.

    "That’s not to say it won’t be restarted," she said.

    So whatever you do this Christmas, remember to keep Rothesay in your thoughts and prayers.

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