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Senator Patrick Brazeau Was Piledrived Through A Table In A Wrestling Match

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Suspended Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau was the guest referee for a Great North Wrestling match this weekend between Hannibal "the Death Dealer" and Soa Amin in Ottawa.

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This of course caused Hannibal to turn on Brazeau, shocking anyone in the audience who had never watched wrestling before.

But while mixing it up with a celebrity guest is normal wrestling fare, what happened next isn't.

The Death Dealer lifted Brazeau and executed a piledriver, one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling.

There's a long history of people ranging from Stone Cold Steve Austin to Andy Kaufman (unless he was faking it) having their necks broken by the piledriver. Some states have banned the move and World Wrestling Entertainment only allows certain people to use it.


Brazeau told the Ottawa Citizen afterwards the move wasn't planned.

Brazeau said he was briefly knocked unconscious afterward, and that he wasn't acting.

"To be quite honest, I don't remember very much of it, because I got picked up so quickly and I just heard a crash, and was a little bit lights out for a few seconds," Brazeau said. "Going through a table wasn't planned."

Brazeau has been in the squared circle before. In 2012 he faced off against Justin Trudeau in a charity boxing match. Brazeau came out of the gate throwing haymakers but Trudeau won the match soundly.

Brazeau was charged with assault and sexual assault stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident in 2013. He has pled not guilty. In February of 2013 the Senate voted to suspend Brazeau, as well as Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin. None of the three are currently drawing their salaries as a senator.