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13 Times Canadian Politics Got Weird In 2015

When a politician being smashed through a table head-first isn't even that memorable, you know it's been a hell of a year.

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7. When the infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked and a Canadian senator's name and Parliamentary office were matched with an account.

Chris Wattie / Reuters

A Colin Kenny of Ottawa listed "parliament buildings the senate of canada" as his billing address to spend thousands of dollars on the site.

8. When Mike Duffy testified under oath about Stephen Harper eating a hot dog in his undershirt as a "little woman" ironed his shirt.

Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press

Duffy said he considered this rude behaviour. There were so many ridiculous quotes from the Duffy trial we had to make a list of them.


11. When Stephen Harper's final push to be re-elected involved laying down stacks of cash to goofy sound effects.

It's amazing he didn't win the election.

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