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    Sep 1, 2016

    24 Things That Would've Happened If "Stranger Things" Was Set In The Philippines

    Egg pies! Lots of egg pies.

    1. The series will be set in an agricultural region near a former U.S. base, like Clark or Subic.

    2. Will Byers and his friends -- Dustin, Lucas and Mike -- are obsessed with playing teks.

    3. Before Will is abducted by the monster, he will go full-Umalohokan and shout "Aswang!"

    4. In the cavern, Will doesn't have a gun, only a sumpak.

    5. When Will contacts Joyce through the landline, she will first wonder if it's the party line.

    6. The campus heart throb, Steve, will sport a hairstyle that is very "bagets"

    7. When he's not going about taking pictures of people, Jonathan watches Student Canteen.

    8. "Mornings are for taho, pandesal, matamis na bao, sinangag, tapsilog, etc... and contemplation." -- Hopper

    9. Eleven, having escaped the facility, will head to Jollibee. She will not need to steal food because the people will see that she is famished and will raise the money to buy her a Chickenjoy meal with extra rice.

    10. When Will sees that the Upside Down is covered in ash, he will open a radio to know if a volcano had erupted.

    11. When El uses her powers to lock the door, the kids will automatically brand her as a mangkukulam.

    12. Barb doesn't have a car. She has a side-car.

    13. And there are enough creeks to swim in than build a pool.

    14. Aside from fairy lights, Joyce's will also buy lanterns and parols to establish communication with Will. It's more tipid.

    15. Joyce will write the letters on the wall arranged as A B K D

    16. Eleven will prove to the boys that Will is alive by dripping melted candle wax onto a basin that will erstwhile form into a human stick figure.

    17. Because the walls of her house is made of hollowblocks, Joyce will have to use a sledgehammer to destroy it rather than an ax.

    18. The items that Nancy and Jonathan will use fight the monster include bamboo spears, crosses, salt and lots of garlic.

    19. When Nancy enters into the Upside Down, she will utter the words "tabi tabi po"

    20. El shoplifts boxes of Egg Pies.

    21. In the government facility, Joyce and Hopper will learn that what they're really dealing with is a "Nuno sa Punso" (Goblin of the Mound). When they enter the mound, Joyce and Hopper will also say the words "tabi tabi po"

    22. "Lizardo" -- Dustin

    23. When Joyce and Hopper rescues Will from the Punso, the entire barangay will have a feast.

    24. From the Upside Down, El will discover that the monster is protecting heaps of gold.

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