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    • paulj18

      Lets ban sports cars, because “vehicles for the race track have no place on our streets. If we can save even one child’s life, it’s worth it.” Lets limit all other vehicles with speed governors so that they can not drive faster than 70mph, because responsible drivers should never drive that fast. Lets ban knives over3inches. Lets ban windows on buildings over2stories tall. Lets ban live Christmas trees because they areafire hazard. Lets make everybody walk around with mattresses strapped to their chest and backs so they won’t hurt themselves when they fall over. Lets setalaw on how long people can be outside in the sun to save our children from skin cancer…Imean, if it can save one life… why not? The person who said “freedom isn’t free” wasn’t just referring to the battlefield. In all other countries, people’s rights are granted by their government. The United States is the only country in the world who’s rights are guaranteed by THE PEOPLE and it’s the fact that our country’s population is WELL ARMED that insures that our freedoms STAY in our hands. The second amendment was not written for hunters.

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