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    • paulines3

      if you don’t want to be vegan, don’t be. but stop talkin shit. i’m sorry that you may have run into some nasty people (noteisaid PEOPLE, not vegans, because assholes shouldn’t be confined to one group as it’s humans in general) in your life that “forced” their views on you kinda like how you’re doing now butimean it’s everyone’s personal choice.  except people who do it because “it’s cool”. are there still people doing that? your body is capable of AMAZING things. ridiculous things. it can heal itself, it can be strong etc. if people want to take advantage of that and try different things without having to just eat conveniently, let them. it’s better than just putting whatever tastes good in your mouth. it’s harder, yes. it’s not for everyone, that’s true. but leave people alone because they don’t want to eat chemicals and bludgeoned animals. :)

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