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Revealed: Ecuador Thwarted Deal Between Julian Assange And Swedish Prosecutors

The WikiLeaks founder agreed to DNA swabs and police interviews in June this year, leaked documents show, but concerns by Ecuadorian officials prevented the meeting.

James Ball • 3 years ago

UK Pulled Plug On Assange Police Guard Amid Fears Over Spiralling Costs

Exclusive: A leaked document shows that a British minister told Ecuador of cost concerns a few weeks before the police operation was withdrawn.

James Ball • 3 years ago

Ecuador's President Used Millions Of Dollars Of Public Funds To Censor Critical Online Videos

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has seen leaked documents that reveal Rafael Correa used the intelligence budget to delete content critical of him and the first lady from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites.

James Ball • 3 years ago

Secret Memos Reveal Julian Assange's Escape Plans From Ecuador's Embassy

Leaked internal documents reveal discussions of secret escape plans, clashes between the WikiLeaks founder and embassy staff, and fears over his health.

James Ball • 4 years ago

Watch As Palestinian Kids Do Parkour Even As Bombs Drop Nearby

Incredible footage of boys performing back flips and somersaults, even as air strikes hit just hundreds of meters away.

Paul Hamilos • 4 years ago

The Welcome That China Gave Obama Shows Why It Will Win At Everything

China pulled out all the stops for the opening of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Paul Hamilos • 4 years ago

Europe Would Survive An Independent Scotland

Why doom-mongers are wrong to predict disaster for the EU if Scotland votes to break away from the U.K.

Paul Hamilos • 4 years ago

A Volcano Has Erupted In Iceland, And The Pictures Are Stunning

One of the most troubling aspects about Icelandic volcanos for foreigners is that they are so hard to pronounce. This time it's the Bárðarbunga volcano in Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla that has erupted.

Paul Hamilos • 4 years ago

Russia Is Now Trolling NATO Using Toy Tanks And This Is The State Of Modern Diplomacy

First the Canadians trolled the Russians on Twitter. Then the Russians fought back. Now the Russian embassy in the UAE has joined in the so-called fun.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

This Journalist Just Cornered Vladimir Putin And Got Him To Answer His Questions

"Do you regret the killings in Ukraine?" asked the BBC's John Sweeney.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Jon Stewart Perfectly Captures What It's Like To Talk About Israel/Gaza

"You know what? Fuck it, why don't we talk about something Ukraine?"

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Israel Resumes Airstrikes In Gaza After Proposed Cease-Fire Collapses

Hamas says it was not consulted by Egyptian officials who negotiated the deal.

Sheera Frenkel • 5 years ago

Islamist Militants In Battle For Iraq's Largest Oil Refinery

Iranian president denounces ISIS fighters as "killers and terrorists," and promises to protect Iraq's Shiite shrines.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Iranian President's Lonely, World Cup All-By-His-Selfie

Hassan Rouhani cut a forlorn figure when he posted a picture on Twitter of him watching the World Cup match between Iran and Nigeria. Much like the game, which ended 0-0, he doesn't look terribly excited.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Iraqis Flee Mosul After Militants Take Over

Iraq's second-largest city now in the hands of ISIS fighters, as civilian crisis escalates.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

From Hero To Zero: The Scandalous Life Of A Spanish King

King Juan Carlos helped usher in democracy after the dictator Franco died in 1975, but recently the Spanish royal family has been mired in scandal after scandal. As he abdicates, we take a look at the best — and worst — of a controversial king.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Do The European Elections Signal The End Of The EU As We Know It?

Across Europe voters have rejected the political elite, turning in their droves to radical nationalist parties that want to see the end of the European Union.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

Dramatic Pictures From Turkey As Police And Protesters Clash On May Day

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets in Istanbul in defiance of government ban on Labor Day demonstrations.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago

7 Pictures That Show The Deadly Flooding In Afghanistan

Flooding has killed at least 100 people in Afghanistan, leaving thousands more homeless.

Paul Hamilos • 5 years ago