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25 Times It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Be Nervous

It's totally fine to freak out.

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1. Is that grocery cart going to hit my car?

Disney / Via

2. Will this box of Cheerios last me until this week is over?

Nickelodeon / Via

3. It's not scary to fly, right?


4. You know it was an accident right? WE WERE JUST KIDDING AROUND RIGHT???

NBC / Via

5. Is that a spider?

Pixar / Via

6. Did he just see me flick him off?

Apatow Productions / Via

7. Is she going to get the job because her dad is the boss?

NBC / Via

8. Did I leave the freezer cracked open last night on accident?????

Cartoon Network / Via

9. Did I wear the same thing as someone else?

10. Aren't I too old for my face to still be breaking out?

Comedy Central / Via

11. Did he just pitch MY idea to the boss?

CBS / Via

12. Is our ride really going to come?

Warner Bros. / Via

13. Did I just put too much lighter fluid on the grill?

Disney / Via

14. Did I just accidentally forward that to everyone?

NBC / Via

15. Am I about to be mugged?

PBS / Via

16. How long has it been since you've cleaned that bathroom?

17. Do you see my car keys anywhere?

18. Is this going to update in time?

charlieissocoollike / Via

19. It's been a while since the last time I've... You Know. Think they will notice?

20. Did I forget my credit card? How can I go out??

NBC / Via

21. Can they tell I'm not sober?


22. Will I have to pull another all-nighter tonight?

Fox / Via


Disney / Via

24. Oh my bad, did I bump into you?

25. Was I really that fast?

Cartoon Network / Via

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