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24 Signs You're In A Pretty Rad Relationship

You lucky dog.

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1. You know it's OK to be the first one to fall asleep.

2. You both know that when it comes to gifts, it's about the effort, not the price.

3. You secretly still want to look cool in front of each other.

4. Contacts bugging you? No worries. You're not afraid to whip those glasses out.

5. You crack each other up.

6. You're not afraid to fall asleep during their favorite movie.

7. You know exactly how to pose for a picture together.

8. You think they're the cutest even when their new haircut isn't that great.

9. You've helped out when push comes to shove.

10. You have a special way of looking at each other.

11. You love each other's "shower hair."

12. You still make sure your car is cleaned when you pick them up, because you know the little things count.

13. You agree that snuggle time is a must...

14. ...but you both know having time with your buds is important, too.

15. You know that what time you said you'll be there, you had better be there.

16. You gladly give up the good sleeping spot so they are comfortable.

17. Even if you're not a fan of it, you will always wear everything they get you.

18. You remember that you need to eat healthy...

19. ...but sometimes eating healthy isn't any fun.

20. So you eat whatever you want. No matter what it does to your stomach. You know your S.O. won't mind.

21. You love their morning face.

22. You will look everywhere for that one thing they can't find before you leave.

23. You can count on them to push you when you need it.

24. And they still make you smile at the goofiest things every day.

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