21 Things You Will Undoubtedly Learn While Being In A Relationship

As told by the cast of Portlandia, of course.

1. Never, under any circumstances, utter the word “lazy.”


2. Always at least pretend to be supportive of your significant other’s plan for the future.

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Even if that changes every five minutes.

3. It’s important to let the other person know what they mean to you.

Like, a lot.

4. You learn to love that person’s scent.

In a non-creepy kinda way.

5. Be honest from the beginning if you’re not a fan of something.

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Or you will eventually explode.

6. It’s alright to be that couple that tries a lot of new things together.

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People will be jealous.

7. Sometimes your best move is to let the other person vent and get everything out.

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Before you even THINK about speaking.

8. Asking your parents for advice is perfectly fine.


They’ve been there.

9. You will learn to know exactly what your significant other orders.

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Down to the side of ranch dressing.

10. You’ve lucked out if you are with someone who is popular with everyone.


Especially if they are a planner.

11. Don’t compare yourself to other couples.


Especially on Facebook.

12. Don’t cheat.

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Just don’t.

13. Honesty will resolve conflicts a lot faster than dancing around the truth.

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Even though it may hurt a little bit.

14. …unless they are being ridiculous or unrealistic.


Then, by all means, play the game.

15. Trust is a must.

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Or else it becomes a situation where your significant other thinks everyone is ^^^^

16. It’s a good idea to make plans for the future.

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Unless you don’t see it going anywhere.That could make things awkward.

17. Before you know it, the two of you will be able to communicate with just a look.

IFC / Via ign.com

While you creep out any bystanders.

18. Be 100% sure you want to move in with that other person.

IFC / Via mlkshk.com

And don’t use a bike. That’s a big red flag.

19. If you’re not feeling it, don’t cave and get a pet “just because.”


‘Cause that thing will tear you guys apart, man.

20. If they get you an article of clothing…


At least wear it once.

21. Finally, always have their back. Even if they’re wrong.


They’ll have yours, don’t worry.

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