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20 Miserable Men Who REALLY Don't Want To Be Shopping Right Now

We know it can be rough, but you really have to feel it for these guys.

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2. This guy who was put on purse duty

3. This gentleman holding back a yawn

4. This guy who is fake texting so he doesn't look completely bored

6. This guy who is shedding a tear for himself

7. This party animal who is totally bummed he's not able to be wherever it is that he's missing out on right now

8. This herd of unfortunate men

9. This guy who threw caution to the wind and doesn't care who sees

10. This fella who is clearly lost in thought

11. This little guy who just gave up

12. This man who is clearly thinking, "Come onnnn"

13. This guy who is catching some ESPN while in a women's clothing store.

14. This poor soul who is just hoping those boxes fall on him and put him out of his misery

15. This smart guy who is snoozing behind those shades.

16. This guy who is thinking exactly what the sign says right now

17. This man who Just. Can't. Take. It. Anymore.

18. Like bored father, like extremely bored son.

19. This guy who fell asleep. (On second thought, you may want to check on him.)

20. Finally, this guy whose hair has grown while he waits for a fitting

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