2 Chainz Might Not Be Who We Think

Are we sure Mr. Chainz is who he says he is?

1. Is 2 Chainz actually Willy Wonka?

3. Or does 2 Chainz actually have psychic abilities?

5. What if 2 Chainz an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer’s?

7. Could 2 Chainz actually be a schizophrenic?

9. There’s no way that 2 Chainz actually be Dr. Hannibal Lecter?

11. Is 2 Chainz Dr. Jim Pomatter?

13. OR Mary Poppins?

15. Is 2 Chainz a closet sitophile?

*Sitophilia-sexual arousal by food

17. There’s no way that… 2 Chainz went to business school????

19. So, Mr. Chainz, how do you plead? We would all like an answer

20. Don’t point the finger at us, we’re asking you!

21. Fine, we’ll wait.

22. We figured. Do your thing, I guess.

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