19 Valentine’s Day Tips “Workaholics” Taught Us

Because how could you possibly find better role models?

1. You’ve GOT to get something.

And it better make a splash.

2. It can be candy.

You’d better find out if he or she has a sweet tooth.

3. But whatever it is…your significant other better like* it.


4. Make sure that you take them out…

And come prepared… Well.

5. Maybe to a movie?

Something THEY want to see.

6. Or a trip out on the town?

^^^ I wouldn’t recommend using his words… But you never know.

7. But the best choice would be dinner at a nice establishment.

Don’t be afraid to show your goofy side.

8. If you do go to a restaurant, make sure to order a bottle of something costly.

Let them know you can afford it.

9. And you damn sure better get that check.

See above reason if you haven’t already figured it out.

10. Single on Valentine’s Day? No problem.

It’s not THAT confusing of a world to jump into.

11. Seriously, it’s not.


12. Have a little confidence in yourself.


13. Try not to come off as too desperate…

14. …Seriously they’ll be able to tell.

15. If you get turned down, don’t let it get to you.

Who cares about Valentine’s Day?

16. Hang out with your closest buds instead and have a few drinks.

17. Then maybe call your crush later that night.

But seriously don’t.

18. Date or no date, it’s just one day.

The right one will come along I promise.

19. If worst comes to worst, just ask yourself:

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