18 Types Of People You Encounter When You’re Out Drinking, As Told By "Breaking Bad" GIFs

Just blame it on the alcohol.

1. Someone who forgets how to act like an adult

2. Someone you can always count on to hatch a “genius” idea

3. Someone who becomes irrationally angry EVERY TIME

4. Someone who just wants to dance

5. Someone who happens to bump into everyone they’ve ever known

6. Someone who brings up their ex after just a few drinks

7. Someone who has an inflated sense of confidence

8. Someone who thinks that they can go all night

9. Someone who is convinced it’s a better idea to run home than to call a cab

10. Someone who pulls facts from out of nowhere

11. Someone who regrets their hook-up decision

12. Someone who is annoyingly enthusiastic

13. Someone who is famous for being the first one to zonk out that night

14. Someone whose label reads: “If you want to see this person become a one-upper in every conversation, just add water!”

15. Someone who is a tornado of destruction

16. Someone who can’t handle their hangover

17. Someone who is a little too honest

18. And finally, that blessed angel who will pay for everyone’s drinks

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