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14 Things From Movies And Televison That Traumaized Your Childhood

How did you recover from these fourteen weird, strange, and disturbing moments from television and movies in your younger years?

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1. Beetlejuice

The attempt to make a creepy zombie character goofy and loveable ended up being downright creepy.

2. The infamous tongue scene in A Christmas Story

Very few moments made us cringe like Flick his tongue stuck to the frozen pole.

3. Mr. Wormwood

Everyone felt much better about their father figure after seeing Danny DeVito's character in Matilda

4. Him

Still having nightmares from this archenemy of the Powerpuff Girls...

5. Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge

You can look all you want, but it will be difficult to find a pair of relatives than these two from James and the Giant Peach.

6. The Mask

Although he's usually borderline creepy in most of the roles he takes, Jim Carrey's The Mask is especially disturbing.

7. Prometheus and Bob

One of the skits from the late night cartoon Kablam that was strange; although most of the show was pretty out there.

8. "Keep the change you filthy animal"

The video clip that Kevin loves to watch while alone at home to ward off the robbers in Home Alone.

9. Mr. Bean

The movies and animated series starring Mr. Bean who is a "child in a man's body" and who also speaks rarely. Enough said?

10. Sloth

The deformed member of the team up against the Goonies is probably a little too disturbing for a children's movie

11. Samara

Probably the first real scary movie many of us remember seeing, Samara was the creepy daughter that gave us nightmares.

12. The Makeout

Who can forget how long it took everyone to forget the memory of Mary Katherine Gallagher that was burned into our minds?

13. Ren and Stimpy

I don't remember being so messed up from watching a cartoon than I did after watching this duo.

14. The Sound of Music

None of us made it through our childhood without being dragged through the torture of watching Julie Andrews and the gang sing for what seems like 10 hours.

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