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The 5 Types Of Fanboys You Will Meet In Nerd Heaven

A fanboy is defined as a boy who is an enthusiastic devotee of a particular subset of media. When you die and go off into geek heaven, here are the five types of fanboys you will meet. For more science fiction fanboys, watch Paul, arriving Unrated on Blu-ray & DVD on 8/9.

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  • 1. Science Fiction Fanboys

    Science Fiction Fanboys

    Example: Graeme Willy And Clive Gollings From Paul Graeme and Clive are the two loveable, British nerds who travel all the way to the states to go to Comic-Con in San Diego. Being the science fiction nerds that they are, they take detours to all the places of extraterrestrial importance in the U.S. Little did they know that they would run into an actual alien on their road trip.

  • 2. Comic Book Nerds

    Comic Book Nerds

    Example: Comic Book Guy From The Simpsons Comic Book Guy represents the stereotypical middle-aged, know-it-all, comic book collecting fanboy. Comic Book Guy loves science fiction and works at The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. He knows everything there is to know about any comic book, and collects them ALL. His catch phrase is "Worst (Noun) Ever!"

  • 3. Music Superfans

    Music Superfans

    Example: William Miller From Almost Famous Fanboy obsessions can cover more than comics and science fiction. Will is a music fanboy. His obsession stemmed off the band "Stillwater," where he followed their musical tour all across the country.

  • 4. Video Gaming Nerds

    Video Gaming Nerds

    Example: The Red Shirt Guy Who Asked A Question About World Of Warcraft. The video game nerd spends all of his time playing games. Like The Red Shirt Guy (shown above), he knows all information and lore about his favorite game series. He may even stump the creators of the game with his vast knowledge. When video game fanboy is not playing games, he is thinking about games (or on the internet talking about games).

  • 5. Apple Product Fanboys

    Apple Product Fanboys

    Apple fanboys will live by Apple products until they die. They were the first to get iPhones, stood days in line to get the newest iPad, and they worship the ground that Steve Jobs walks upon. Say anything negative about Apple, and they will quickly shun you forever. Their place in heaven is surrounded by touch screens and (free) applications.