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    Where Should You Go To Escape From London This Bank Holiday?

    Get out of the city.

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    It's time to get out of London.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Lance Bellers

    But where to go?

    Getty Images/iStockphoto smudgerone

    Let us help you with that.

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    Pick one from each of the four choices below...

    What kind of getaway do you want?

    Close to London OR Further away
    & bustle
    OR Get away
    from it all
    Cosy pub OR Big night out
    On the coast OR Not on the coast

    Here's where you should go:

    Southend Edinburgh York Brighton
    Cambridge Southampton Sheffield Glasgow
    Broadstairs Birmingham Blackpool Chester
    Liverpool New Forest Newcastle Portmeirion

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    (All journey times are based on taking the train, driving route lengths may vary).

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