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    • paulb54

      I have never figured the Straw Poll was about launchingacandidate intoalock for President.Ihave always figured it wasafoundation for buildingaworkers list, some followers that was willing to turn out supporters. An opportunity to hear and see the candidates, the hoop pa lu of the campaigns and the fun doing them.Ihave never felt that one could read into one candidate was going to shoot on to the main one. It has never happened and would be against most odds that it ever would. It also isagreat opportunity for the Party to make money. To me to do away with the Straw Poll is to minimize the peoples voice in the election process. Obviously, it seems since the last Caucus and the late vote counts, some sources in the Republican circles believe they lost control of the selection process to the people. AndIbelieve that is where the selection process is suppose to me made. hmmm

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