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"Teen Wolf's" Dylan O'Brien And Linden Ashby Talk About Zombies And Abs

Because why not?

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We caught a few minutes with Dylan O'Brien and Linden Ashby after the NYCC panel to ask several very important questions.

1. Who has the best abs on the show?

Dylan O'Brien: Okay. Uuh, ah, I gotta give it to Hoechlin. Dude's shredded. I mean, absolutely shredded. But I will give Posey the most impressive abs, because the kid doesn't work out a hundredth of the time that Hoechlin does and he still has them, so that's kinda impressive.

Linden Ashby: Jeff Davis.

2. What's the geekiest thing about you?

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DO: Oh my god, so many geeky things about me. Generally geeky, I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and The X-Factor. I don’t know. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, I’m a huge everything geek. I’ve always looked at myself as a geek, so I think every part of me is pretty geeky. Oh my god, how many times am I going to say 'geek'!?

LA: Uuuh… God, lemme think about that. I read science fiction. What did I just read? It was really cool. They were space traveling but everything was made out of wood and plant fiber instead of metal and that was kind of geeky… Oh! I’m by my house and I’m walking and Dee and Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are sitting right there and I had a total fan moment!

3. Who would be your dream guest star?

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DO: Andrew Garfield! I think he said in an interview three years ago or something he’s such a fan of the original Teen Wolf movie and he’d love to come on the show... I could be completely making this up. But in my mind, he’s one of the most inspiring actors. I mean, I know it’s never going to happen, but it’d be the coolest thing in the world!

LA: This is hard. I don’t know. I don’t know!!

4. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, what three people would you want on your team?

DO: OK. This is pretty cool. Rick Grimes. I would want Woody Harrelson’s character from Zombieland and Han Solo. Because I love him.

LA: Well, I’ve shot some zombies before! I would want three guys who were really good with swords. Why are people always shooting zombies!? Why not just chop their heads off? How can zombies get you if you have a good sword?

Bonus! Jeff Davis weighed in on that one too.

Jeff Davis: I would want Linden there, to be steady. J.R. Bourne—because he would know how to fight—and Stiles because he would make me laugh even in the darkest situations.


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