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Oct 13, 2013

"Teen Wolf" Cast Drops Hints About Season 4

Jeff Davis, Dylan O'Brien, and Linden Ashby stopped by NYCC and talked about where our favorite teenage werewolves are headed.

1. Will there be a fourth season?


YES! While there's still the second half of Season 3 to look forward to, showrunner Jeff Davis announced that there will be a fourth season, and it will be accompanied by a short behind-the-scenes show called "Wolf Watch" every week. Season 4 is a short order of only twelve episodes, but Davis promises they'll be twelve very good episodes.

2. What’s the second half of Season 3 even about?

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“Consequences,” Davis said. The characters have all dealt with some pretty dark stuff, and that’s going to affect them all in different ways. While the first half of the season was action-packed, this half is going to be more of a psychological thriller.

3. What sort of new supernatural creatures will we see coming up?

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The second half of Season 3 is going to bring in some new mythology, specifically the myth of the Japanese kitsune, a shape-shifting trickster fox. In the press roundtables after the panel, Davis also hinted that a few scenes might be set in Japan.

4. Where the hell did Derek go? / Via

No idea. But Davis said he will be back! He's going to have a lot of challenges to meet, but he’ll apparently come out of Season 4 “a real hero," whatever that means.

5. What’s going to happen with Peter?

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Apparently Peter is going to “get a taste of his own medicine." It's about time!

6. Will Stiles and Lydia ever get together!?

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Davis said he enjoys the Mulder and Scully will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic between the two, and getting them together too soon would ruin the tension. So probably not. BUT Davis dropped a MASSIVE FAN SPOILER about Stiles’ love life anyway. “Stiles will lose a certain status that he’s held for a very long time,” Davis hinted. Get sooooooome! We wonder who it could be?

7. What about poor Scott now that Allison’s got it sweet for Isaac?

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“Scott will find himself back to being a beginner at high school romance,” Davis said. Unfortunately, that's ALL he said.

8. What’s the story behind Stiles’ jeep?

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Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby agreed that Stiles and Papa Stilinski went out on Stiles’ 16th birthday and got the jeep together. The jeep’s name is Roscoe.

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