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    17 Gorgeous Wall Clocks For All Your Fandom Needs

    Don't ever lose track of time to your obsessions again.

    1. For the Sherlockians

    2. The aspiring S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

    4. Whovians and companions

    WarpZone / Via


    alantronics / Via


    UnicornEmpirePrints / Via

    Timey-wimey Tardis wall clock

    7. Meth dealers! Or, you know, Breaking Bad fans

    8. All the Star Wars jedi out there

    ObjectIndustrialArt / Via

    Star Wars Princess Leia and Han Solo "I love you / I know" clocks.

    9. / Via LProducts

    Recycled vinyl Death Star wall clock

    10. Gamers


    GLaDOSv311 / Via

    Portal Aperture lab neon clock.

    12. Adventure Time fans

    alantronics / Via

    13. Regular ol' tech nerds

    DebbyAremDesigns / Via

    Starry night circuit board clock

    14. Literature geeks

    mbartstudios / Via

    Little Prince clay clock.


    thewhiterabbitcom / Via

    Alice in Wonderland backwards clock

    16. Trekkies

    17. And the Potterhead in all of us

    ilikeprettythingsqld / Via

    Harry Potter wall book clock

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