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15 Childhood Heroes You Wanted To Be

And probably still wish you could be.

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15. Batman

20th Century Fox / Via

The Dream: Talk about having it all. Gadgets, lair, sweet ride, bathing in money, sidekick AND a butler? You wanted it. We all wanted it. We'd even take Robin if it meant we could have the rest.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Spandex makes you itch.

14. Mulan

Disney / Via

The Dream: Getting down to business, defeating the Huns. You know, the usual.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: You are not, nor will you ever be, as swift as a coursing river. You eat too much pizza.


12. Mia Thermopolis (aka Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries)

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

The Dream: To be sucked out of your shitty life and given instant wealth, respect, and a really awesome make-over sequence.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Nobody ever actually showed up to reveal that you're secretly the princess/prince of anywhere, except for maybe somewhere on Foursquare but that doesn't even count.

11. Inigo Montoya

The Princess Bride Ltd. / Via

The Dream: Nobody in the history of ever will posses as much swag and sword-fighting finesse as this dude. Except you, or so you dreamed.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Let's face it, you would accidentally stab yourself in your own eye before you could avenge anyone.

10. Jack Sparrow

Walt Disney / Via

The Dream: High-seas shenanigrandry, unlimited freedom, and the respect you deserve!

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Actual pirates go to jail for, like, a really long time, and most ships these days don't even have those cool sails on them, so why bother?

9. Abraham Lincoln

DreamWorks / Via

The Dream: Four score and seven years ago, Abe Lincoln was the original BAMF, and you've known it since 1st grade.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: We are no longer embroiled in a major Civil War, I don't think. Also stove-pipe hats went out of style. Bummer.

8. A velociraptor from Jurassic Park

Universal Pictures / Via

The Dream: To be able to rip through your hater's throats with razor sharp fangs and avoid actually growing up and joining the real world.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: You're not a dinosaur. I know, life's rough.


7. Ash Ketchum

Pokemon USA / Via

The Dream: To be the very best, the best there ever was.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: The closest you could get was dog fighting and none of the dogs would love you as much as Pikachu would.

5. Hermione Granger

Warner Bros. / Via

The Dream: Magical friendship in a magical place with actual magic. Magic.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Your Hogwarts letter never showed up and to be honest we're all still crying about it.

4. The Ghostbusters

Black Rhino Productions / Via

The Dream: Aside from those rockin' tan jump suits, you mean?

The Soul-Crushing Reality: There are never any ghosts around when you need 'em.

3. Indiana Jones

Paramount Pictures / Via

The Dream: You were going to travel, kill nazis, discover the riches of the world and absolutely rock a fedora like it was nobody's business.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Turns out archaeology actually just equals a lot of essay-writing and dusting rocks other people have also already dusted.

2. Luke Skywalker

Lucasfilm / Via

The Dream: Fighter jets! Droids! Being able to move shit WITH YOUR MIND.

The Soul-Crushing Reality: Nobody's invented actual Lightsabers yet, and if they did you couldn't afford them.

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