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An Ode To Hot Young Harrison Ford

I'd be the Chewbacca to your Han Solo any day, Harrison.

Let's talk about Harrison Ford.

This absolute dreamboat of a male specimen.

Have you met him? Here he is. Say hi, get acquainted.

Have you seen his smile?

(Here it is again, in case you missed it.)

Did you know the title for this movie was originally "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Be Still My Beating Heart"?

And that this bicep actually had its own credit in the film?

Did you know he has a second bicep and a couple of legs that look like this?

And that this chair sold on ebay for EXACTLY 37 kajillion and a half dollars?

FACT: Young Harrison Ford is the only man who is allowed to wear a fedora, everyone else gets fined. It's law.

FACT: Young Harrison Ford once blinded a man by turning his head around too fast.

FACT: This GIF just got you pregnant.

For every strand of facial hair Young Harrison Ford grows, an angel gets its wings. This is 100% scientifically proven.

"Who's the prettiest man in the galaxy?"

I'd say never change, but you already did.

RIP Young Harrison Ford, we miss you.

Like a lot.

*cries about it*

k bye.