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    • pattyh4

      Strong Woman, Dong Bong Soon - cute story and great sound track
      Boys over Flower - Kdrama version, based on the same name anime
      Man to Man - drama that is about spies and fun bromance
      Midnight Diner - heartwarming stories about diners that come to this shop
      Jiro Dreams of Sushi - not only talking about sushi and the art that goes into it, talks about sustainability for the fishing industry too
      Twinsters - actually Buzzfeed recommended
      Descandents of the Sun - great writing, great scenery, great story line.
      Oh My Ghostess - cute and funny way to approach supernatural
      This is Not Expected - from China, pretty cute story about love and cuisine
      DramaWorld - intro to Kdrama, which made fun of the cliches
      Refresh Man - Taiwanese drama, eye candy but good mid-career crisis comes to reinventing oneself, very refreshing
      Fall in Love with me - also eye candy from Refresh Man, love story in the core but very sweet and fight a good fight type drama, so good I binged it three times.

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