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    • Pattifh

      My boyfriend’s mom’s house burned to the ground. T
      She lost everything including her pets and only had the nightgown she was wearing that night. My students found out because I explained why things wouldn’t be graded that week since I was getting 2 - 3 hours of sleep a night trying to comfort my boyfriend and help his mom get resettled. Two days after it happened, I walked into my classroom to bags upon bags. My students had banned together to get clothes, purses, books, jewelry, toiletries, and other things so that his mom could return to a normal life faster. I never cried in school before but I lost it that day. This wasn’t even for me. When I asked them why they did this, the answer was simple: “She is important to you and you’re important to us. That makes her important us” This is why I never allow people to tell me teenagers are selfish because a bunch of 15/16/17/18 year olds pulled out all the stops to help.

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