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Things You Only Understand If You Are Dutch

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#1 Birthdays

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Okay, so most birthday parties. What do we see? Red cups, Music, fast food and partying with friends! Superfun. Birthdays in The Netherlands are a tad bit different. ( like holy cr*p) birthdays usually start at 2 pm. You come in, congratulate like EVERYBODY that is in that room even if you don't know them. You all sit in a circle and talk and eat basically. Its the stupidest thing ever.

#2 Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is basically the Dutch Santa Claus. He has his little helpers, that we call Zwarte Piet. ( the dark people) which is just makeup. Kids put their shoes infront of the door, hall, fireplace or wherever they want. Usually, they put a bowl of water and a carrot there for his horse. Cause Legend says he comes with his horse. And He'll put a present in your shoe if you have been nice. If you have been naughty you won't get anything. on December 5th ( Sinterklaas's Birthday) You will have a big sack full of presents. We still celebrate christmas as well. And get presents under the christmas tree aswell. Guess we just like being spoiled lol.

#3 Liquorice

The Dutch, we LOVE licorice. I am guilty of it myself. Especially we love the salty ones. Almost every Dutch person has licorice in their household. Because we all just love it a lot. ( there are exceptions)

#4 Cheese

Cheese. Everyone loves dutch cheese. Especially Gouda. I must say its a pretty good cheese. While you shop your cheese at the supermarket. We shop ours in cheese shop ( see picture) yes they do exist. Not all people are willing to take the effort to make an extra trip to the cheese shop. But there is something about going there. Tasting a variety of different cheeses an it's just the typical dutch saying of ''Gezellig'' I can't really tell you the explanation.

I'd could tell you a lot more about the Dutch but what fun would it be if I only made one post about my beloved country?! To be continued..

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