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    Top 9 Things You're Doing Wrong On Your Online Dating Profile


    1. Not using a full-face photo as your main photo:

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    Your very first photo should be a photo of your full face. This is the first impression potential matches can see, so make it count. Think headshot without being too staged. And assuming others spend a good chunk of time swiping aimlessly, 9 times out of 10 they'll pass on profiles that don't have close-up photos of the person's face.

    2. Using only photos of you wearing sunglasses:

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    Hey, I get that you look super cool in those shades, but save them for the sun. This bit of advice goes along the same lines of not showing your full face. If you only have photos of you wearing sunglasses, one cannot see your eyes and therefore will pass. After all, no one wants to commit to a first date when they have no idea what you actually look like.

    3. Not listing your height or lying about your height:

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    Yes, this is important. Thankfully, most apps now have height as a required-ish facet to list, so this problem is currently being fixed. But as a super tall girl, I would like to know your height before we go out. Can I wear heels? Perhaps. Will I need to slouch? Maybe not. Should I probably not care about a person's height? Yes, but here we are.

    4. Not having any sort of written description:

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    This one should be obvious, but due to laziness or just general apathy, I find that many people don't write anything on their profiles. This is your opportunity to show your personality and interests. It's precious real estate. Some apps even have questions for you to fill out if you can't possibly think of anything to say, so there's no excuse. Don't be lazy. If you're just too busy (lazy) to write a few words, I'll assume you're lame or one-dimensional.

    5. Not smiling in any photos and using the dreaded bathroom selfie:

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    Honestly, not smiling in any photos just makes you look like a serial killer. One or two casual photos are fine, but the rest should be smiling! You want to seem like a fun and cool person, not a creeper. In addition to this, please nix the bathroom selfie. It's always weird, and it makes us think you have no other photos to use, therefore you have no life and/or no friends.

    6. Negativity:

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    We get it, you're picky. We're picky, too (obviously). That doesn't mean we should write things on our profiles like, "Couch potatoes swipe left" or "No drama or high maintenance girls please." This is negative and a waste of space on your profile. Focus instead on the positive traits you're looking for in a partner, not what they shouldn't have. It's the old adage: you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    7. Not listing your job:

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    This is crucial! We all want to feel like our romantic partner is secure and responsible. An easy way of showing this is to list your career. This is proof that you can hold down a position somewhere, and that you have some ambition. If you're still in school, list yourself as a student and where you're attending. If you're unemployed, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT say "Entrepreneur" or "Assistant to the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin." If you're actually an entrepreneur, show what kind of company or start-up you have.

    8. Saying, "I'm never on this app. Insta me":

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    Lazy loser alert! Why do you even have a dating profile? What are you doing? Who even are you?

    9. Little to no originality:

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    If you're doing all of these things and you're still not getting matches, consider the originality of your profile. Is it comparable with most others? Does it stand out in a crowd? You don't have to be a stud like Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth to stand out. Show your originality and creativity by thinking outside the box. Consider: What's special about you that no one else has? Showcase that on your page. Highlight the good, the unique, the impressive.

    Final thoughts:

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    With all this being said, there are always exceptions to the rule. You could be breaking every single one of these "don'ts" and still find that special someone. Whatever your profile shows, whatever your journey may be, the safest bet is to just be yourself. Quite the cliché, but it's true!

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