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The Cats That Joined The Dark Side

Cats seem to be very merry and funny pets. They bring happiness in our life, changing the boredom of human routine into something colorful and marvelous. Well, this was the opinion of the most of you. However, you may quickly change your mind if observing these photos. Possibly, these creatures have some dark dealings with the darkness. In ancient times, the cats were associated with the Devil. The photos given below show another possible side of these creatures. They are really frightening! Of course, these photos are simply a set of circumstances while taking a shot. Nevertheless, they are strange enough. Perhaps, your nervous system is not ready for them… well, we have warned you anyway!

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1. The portal to the other side.

Looking at the shining eyes of that cat under the carpet, one can imagine the entrance to a place from another universe. There is a feeling that that universe is not too pleasant. Well, it is not surprising when you watch that evil look.

2. This is my Precious!

The greed of that sphinx shows that cats may be obsessed with money just like we. It is like Gollum who cannot part with his precious Ring. Would anyone dare to get those coins from the cat? That is rather doubtful.

3. It’s time for an exorcism.

Only a single glance at that black cat may make you shiver all over the entire body. The glaring eyes and unusual pose of its stature may make you call a priest. The cat really needs an exorcism.

4. The devil among us!

Just look at that black cat whose muzzle is covered with flour! The contrast of black and white, as well as the “kind” glance of the cat, force us thinking that it might be a servant of the devil. Keep an eye on it, but look too long at it! Otherwise, you will not able to sleep the nights on…

5. The pyro at work.

This photo speaks for itself. You can see the fire in the background and a cat in front. It looks pretty suspicious… It seems as if it leaves the scene of the crime. Is it a simple coincidence or are we looking at the true pyro?

6. The most horrible nightmare.

If you really think that cats are very kind and peaceful, you ought to look at this individual. The glare of its eyes at night is actually terrifying. It may picture in your memories for good! Afterward, you will have a constant presence of fear and probably, the assistance of GradeScout would be your only way out.

7. I’m watching you!

Have you ever had a feeling that somebody is watching your back? It is pretty scarring, isn’t it? This ugly feeling makes you feeling uneasy as if some dark and evil beast if chasing you down. Perhaps, the cat that pops from behind a curtain is that very beast? No matter where you go, it will follow you…

8. The duality.

Remember that there are always two sides in each of us. Cats are no exception. Just look at the cat in this picture. At first, it may seem that it has pretty friendly eyes. Nevertheless, the reflection in the table tells us that we are wrong. Be careful with your pet!

9. A reflection of the Evil.

At times, it is better to avoid watching at the reflection. After a short glance at the reflection of that black kitty that stares at the fireplace, one receives a feeling that the shadow of a great darkness is watching you back from the other world.

10. The worst nightmare.

If you think that you can deal with one cat, you should take into account its friends. Looking at this picture, you will surely understand this point. There are 13 cats on a hood of a car and it is already dark. The eyes of each cat have their own frightening shining, which does not seem to be friendly and kind. Besides, the figure 13 does not promise you anything good either. Is this some kind of a horror movie?

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