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The Most Inspiring British LGBT People Of 2016

They showed great courage. They made real change. We celebrate them.

1. Marco Bulmer-Rizzi, the man who lost his husband and changed the law on same-sex marriage.

2. Kaelin Farnish, the teenager who inspired banks to welcome nonbinary people.

3. Deborah Gold and Yusef Azad, the charity workers who took on the NHS to bring the HIV prevention pill to thousands.

4. Dean Eastmond, the cancer patient who challenged fertility policies.

5. Chardine Taylor-Stone, the activist who stood up to racism on the LGBT scene.

6. Ben Smith, the man who ran 401 marathons for anti-bullying charities.

7. Lily Madigan, the trans teenager who fought back against her school.

8. Maria Munir, the student who came out to Obama.

9. Letitia, the trans woman who fought the government for pension rights.

10. Bisi Alimi, the activist who set up a foundation for LGBT Nigerians and opened his home up at Christmas.

11. Judith Gough, the British ambassador who spoke out about being a lesbian diplomat.