Young People Are Pissed Off At Older People For Voting Leave

    "Old dudes deciding the future of young people is so FUN."

    The EU referendum divided the UK in so many ways, but none more so than in terms of the age of voters. People aged 18 to 24 voted 75% in favour of Remain, versus 39% of those aged over 65.

    So all the old people gave us a future we didn't want. You've all had your careers, why screw it up for us

    Almost two-thirds of over-60s voted in favour of Brexit while those under 49 tended to back Remain, according advance polling. Three-quarters of people aged 18-24 were set to back Remain.

    This is what intergenerational warfare looks like.

    Younger Remain voters feel betrayed and angry about the whole thing.

    I'm so angry. A generation given everything: Free education, golden pensions, social mobility have voted to strip my generation's future.

    Old dudes deciding the future of young people is so FUN

    And here we see where the older people completely fucked over the younger people & screwed their future #EUref

    #EUref what have we done congratulations old people you've fucked up our future

    Majority of young people have voted stay.. but old people with their lives sorted already have decided our future 👍🏼

    Some youngsters are taking direct action.

    Gonna go stand outside the post office and shout at old people.

    It's all a bit awkward.

    Yesterday: Old people? We love them. They fought wars for us. Saved us from the Nazis. Today: Old people? We hate them. Bloody fascists.

    It's turned generational ideas on their head.

    I swear old people are meant to give you werthers originals and knitted jumpers and not economic instability and widespread unemployment.

    It was argued that, having enjoyed the Beatles and the 1960s, baby boomers might consider doing something nice for today's youth.

    Hey, old people, you got The Beatles, how about giving something back?

    UK girl group Stooshe waded into the debate and had this to say.

    Feel like we've let the youth of today down. It's the children that will be affected by the changes - Yet they're not allowed to vote🤔#EUref

    Teens aged 16 and 17 were annoyed because they didn't even get a vote but will have to live with consequences of Brexit.

    It is unacceptable that over 65's were allowed a say in the future of our generation yet 16 and 17 year old's weren't #EUref

    But as ever, it isn't as simple as all that.

    If your response is "Bloody old people" or sniping at lower socioeconomic classes, you fed into the sentiment that brought us here.

    Some older voters pointed out that they voted Leave to help the younger generation.

    Dear young people, I was 16 when old people decided my future in 1975. At least we made the right decision for you this time. #EURefResults