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You Can Now Buy A Supersonic Fighter Jet On Gumtree

It's only £30,000. Treat yourself.

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Like the look of this? It's an English Electric Lightning Mk6 fighter jet and it could be YOURS for just £30,000, via Gumtree.

The seller, named as Dave, based in Lincolnshire, is an experienced aircraft engineer who acquired the plane from the local council and housed it in an RAF base.

The plane, used extensively during the Cold War years, is very nifty and flies at Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) if you're keen on cutting down commuting times.

And that's not all: Dave is also flogging a Panavia Tornado GR1, also for £30,000. It's described as being ideal for "close air support; counter air attack and defence suppression" if that's what you're after.

Dave and his wife, Lesley, are selling both planes so they can renovate their other English Electric Lightning.

More famous for advertising flatshares and old sofas, people use Gumtree to sell all sorts of things including, it would seem, Cold War aircraft.