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    The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The Solar Eclipse

    Damn you, clouds. Damn you to hell.

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    It's fair to say that for most of Britain, today's solar eclipse wasn't exactly spectacular.

    Luckily, it gave us all the chance to do something even better than staring at a spectacular natural miracle – namely, being grumpy and sarcastic on social media.

    Your cut-out-and-keep #Eclipse wallchart is here!

    This being a major TV news event, we were kept right up to speed with the big developments.

    Sky's live eclipse stream has added commentary from an engineer telling us about the scotch egg he had last night

    The tension on Sky News was unbearable.

    Britain was GRIPPED by eclipse fever.

    Some people invoked Bonnie Tyler, with some slight amendments.

    Some people went to EXTREME lengths to get a glimpse of something.

    But basically this was the UK this morning.

    However, at least Alex Salmond's Solero made an appearence on Twitter.

    It couldn't be confirmed whether Danny Alexander was today going to hold an alternative solar eclipse.

    Danny Alexander will be waving an orange in front of a lightbulb for the LibDem’s alternative eclipse tomorrow. #eclipse2015

    But this is what it would look like.

    The chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, CLAIMED to have seen the eclipse from a train travelling across the West Midlands.

    But not everyone believed him.

    This was the view over Newcastle.

    Just seen the Shola Eclipse.

    It may also be the first eclipse in history that more people witnessed by looking at a screen than looking at the actual sky.

    This is the best eclipse I've ever seen in my peripheral vision whilst checking my phone.

    The eclipse was also an opportunity for advertisers to promote their brands. Full marks to Wetherpoon for this.

    Apples and the #eclipse are natural wonders. The Eclipse might be over, but the £1.99 Magners has only just begun..

    Zero points for originality for these people.

    We've got high hopes for #Eclipse2015

    There were several references to the Day of the Triffids, the sci-fi novel and film in which evil plants use a meteor shower to distract us before invading.

    I'll be out to look at the eclipse right after I've watered the Triffids.

    At least some people had a good time.

    Just watched the eclipse oot ma nut hashtag monumental experience

    But it didn't take that long before we were all *over* the eclipse anyway.


    Maybe the UK won't take part in the eclipse next time.

    Worst eclipse ever. I don't know why we even bother to enter.

    But if it was all a damp squib, there's always this cheerful thought to take away.

    Well, that was it. Cheeringly, by the time the next eclipse happens in Britain we'll all be dead.

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