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    27 Wonderful Things That Could Only Happen In Lancashire

    Can I get gravy on that?

    1. This weather report.

    2. This sign.

    3. When someone put this bin on a post in Blackburn.

    4. When this Smurf tragedy happened in Bolton.

    5. The World Gravy Wresting competition, which takes place every year in Rossendale.

    6. This terrible crime in Preston.

    7. This couple from Bacup.

    8. This episode of tram rage.

    9. This heartfelt greeting card from a shop in Fleetwood.

    10. This ingenious way of transporting a basket.

    11. Any time anyone gets a pie butty from a Manchester chippie.

    12. This news story.

    13. The word "oryt".

    14. This morning scene in Bury.

    15. And this one in Blackburn when they opened a new Aldi.

    16. When Blackpool beautician Gemma Worrall tweeted this.

    But was then pretty cool about the reaction.

    Being bombarded by the world and media wasn't on my list of things to do today

    17. This takeaway in Blackpool.

    18. OK, almost everything that happens in Blackpool.

    19. This Manchester United fan's completely rational response to the team's post-Ferguson performances.

    20. Everything about this.

    21. This romantic scene in Eccles.

    Just clocked a lad getting a nosh from his lady friend at the tram stop whilst eating a tray of chips #onlyineccles

    22. This legit panic in Blackburn.

    23. When an event to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic was cancelled...because of ice.

    24. This epic pruning row in Chorley.

    25. In fact, a lot of stuff happens in Chorley.

    26. This RSCPA shop's sign (which was quickly changed).

    27. And this unimprovable message of positivity, spotted in Salford.