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    Woman Spends Six Days In Hospital After Giving A Cat A Bath

    Beware: Getting a scratch from a cat can be very bad news. Via the Shepton Mallet Journal.

    If you ever have to give a cat a bath, be careful: It could land you in hospital.

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    Lesley Pleasant, from Shepton Mallet in Somerset, spent SIX DAYS in hospital after giving a bath to Oscar, her daughter's 10-month-old Persian cat (like the one above).

    She told the Shepton Mallet Journal that the the cat didn't take too kindly to being cleaned, and "flew up my arm, and my daughter had to ease his claws out of my skin".

    And from then on, things only got worse.

    About 5am, I used my mobile phone to call my daughter, who sleeps in the room next to me. I said I wasn't feeling well and asked if she'd bring me a cup of tea and some paracetamol.My arm had swollen up and looked like one of those long sausage balloons you get.
    Once the paracetamol started to work, I felt well enough to drive myself to hospital – except that the hospital was closed. So I had to go back home and wait a few more hours for it to open.I threw up in the car all the way there. When I arrived in A&E, they whisked me through straightaway, got me into a bed and put me on a drip.

    But when she was put on the drip – appropriately enough, at Bath Royal United Hospital – it made her worse. It took three days for doctors to figure out that she was allergic to penicillin.

    "Whenever anyone came to visit me, I asked them to scratch me," she told the Journal.

    Pleasant is back to full health now, thanks to the staff at the hospital, and has admitted she should have got treatment after being scratched. She has also forgiven Oscar the cat.

    And that is why... a cat a bath is a dangerous business.

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