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    A Farmer Used His Sheep To Propose To His Girlfriend

    Sheep farmer Henry Brown proposed to his girlfriend the only way he knew how. With sheep.

    Sheep farmer Henry Brown, 34, from East Sussex, wanted to propose to girlfriend Emily Walker, 22, in an appropriate manner. So he came up with this:

    Twitter: @SolPolCommander

    The couple both work in farming and Brown, who farms 450 lambing ewes in Hailsham, Sussex, says: "It felt an apt way to propose."

    The image was tweeted by Alex Murray, a commander with West Midlands Police and a friend of Brown's, who added: #RomanceNotDead.

    Brown told the Eastbourne Herald:

    I just thought I would make it a bit of fun really... We both had the day off so I said shall we go for a ride around the farm.

    Emily told the paper:

    I did not have a clue, I did not expect it at all. I was really surprised. I walked up and saw the sheep and thought 'hold on what's going on'. Then I realised what they had written on them. He then did the gentlemanly thing and got down on one knee.

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