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    7 Things Supermarkets Do To Get You To Buy More Things

    The big supermarket chains are clever at using store layout and special offers to get you to buy more stuff than you were planning to, according to an investigation from Which?.

    Why do we buy more things than we planned to when we go food shopping? In short, because the supermarkets are manipulating us with clever design.

    Using eye-tracking technology to follow shoppers' actions as they complete a routine shop, consumer rights campaign group Which? has found that tiny, subtle design elements can have profound effects on what we choose to put in our baskets.

    Supermarket shelves are stacked to make you buy the most expensive things - by putting them at eye level.

    1. Prices get more expensive to the right of an aisle than on the left.

    2. BEWARE SPECIAL OFFERS! They are there to influence your buying brain without you knowing.

    3. Supermarkets are designed to make you walk slowly: the slower you walk the more you buy.

    4. Related items are put next to each other for a reason, even if you don't notice it.

    5. Shopping lists are hard to stick to - for a reason.

    6. The big supermarket chains have thought long and hard about which colours are the most enticing.

    7. Ever wondered why shopping trollies are that big? To make you put more stuff in them, of course.

    Here's the video of Which?'s study, which shows how eyetracking technology was used to follow shoppers' gaze around a busy store.