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    Watch This Footballer Smash His Head Through A Dugout In The Most Extreme Goal Celebration You Will See Today

    This is how you celebrate a goal.

    This is a fairly run-of-the-mill goal from Italian amateur side Riole Terme last weekend.

    Let's not even talk about what the goalkeeper was doing.

    The scorer then wheels away to celebrate with his teammates...

    Before smashing his head straight through the side of his team's dugout.

    And while he's basking in the glory of scoring he's sent off with a straight red card from the referee, for dangerous conduct. PLUS, they lost the game 3-1.

    We admit we aren't entirely sure who was responsible for this exultant vandalism, but we're guessing it's one of these hunky strikers.

    There does seem to be an element of premeditation to this whole thing - his teammates don't seem very surprised - but that an Italian amateur side would go to such lengths to orchestrate such an insane celebration is in itself a remarkable and perplexing thing.

    Anyway, let's see it again.

    Here it is to enjoy in full.

    View this video on YouTube

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