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Watch These Gay Couples React To Anti-Gay Marriage Adverts

"So gay people are obviously just disembodied legs?"

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What happens when you show gay couples anti-gay adverts, some for the first time? It looks a lot like this:

Canadian filmmaker Michael Rizzi, aka MikeythePlatypus on YouTube, filmed himself, his boyfriend and three other young gay couples watching anti-gay TV ads and captured their disbelieving responses.

The couples watches a series of US and Irish adverts and gave their on-the-spot reactions. One couple are married, one are engaged and the others are in long-term relationships.

As one man puts it while watching: "Is it possible to watch and laugh and cry at the same time?"

This contributor makes the point that marriage is a constantly evolving institution.

And that the adverts are teaching people to mistrust what they don't understand.

Watch the full thing here.

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