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    17 Unintentionally Disturbing Baby Products That Really Exist

    "No, it's not a penis, it's just a...thing."

    1. This potty with an iPad holder.

    2. This baby doll that's having a baby.

    3. This T-shirt.

    4. "Pedo" nappies.

    5. The baby mop.

    From the blurb: "These baby mops are super soft and comfortable. The mop is made using ultra absorbent materials and engineered to clean and shine your floor."

    6. Whatever this is supposed to be.

    7. This.

    8. This well-endowed horse.

    9. This inflatable...thing.

    10. The Crib Dribbler.

    Sadly, this is just a box and not a real baby product as we originally said. It's designed to buy for people as a prank.

    11. This baby pimp costume.

    12. Baby Bangs: "For the girl who has everything, except hair!"

    13. These high-heel shoes designed for babies aged 0–6 months.

    14. See also: the baby bikini, available from ages seven months and up.

    15. This Dikkie Dik cuddly toy, based on a popular Dutch kids' book series.

    16. This CD of fun songs with a chilling message.

    17. This lovely shirt, spotted in Okinawa, Japan.