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19 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Kids' Books

"Touch the COW. Do it now."

1. This touchy-feely book, which got a bit creepy.

2. This chilling instruction.

3. This word book, with this entirely accidental association.

4. When George displayed some classic stalker-like behaviour.

5. When Henry offered Thomas some "special coal".

6. This lion's instruction.

7. This world-weary, pipe-smoking dog.

8. This Dr. Seuss rhino's horn which in no way looks like a penis.

9. This snow-based fun.

10. These seamen doing their thing.

11. As redditor philosofik puts it, they misspelled "demon".

12. This badly positioned sticker.

13. This party-game suggestion.

14. This helpful diagram of a horse's anatomy in a French kids' book.

15. This worrying romantic advice.

16. You don't hear of many kids called Dick these days.

17. Whatever is happening here.

18. This scientific guide to elephants.

19. And this delightful volume.

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