25 Times Subtitles Failed So Magnificently They Almost Won

You had one job, subtitle people.

1. Happy Chinese New Year to one and all, from the BBC.

2. The Royal Cabbage makes its annual appearance.

4. Sadly, this doesn’t actualy work. You’re better off with a defibrillator really.

5. Pig farming: a dangerous business.

6. From flotation device to Olympic swimmer – what a journey.

7. Conk = British slang for nose. Cock = cock.

When subtitles attack! (Apparently the subtitler was not familiar with Brit accent "conk" meaning nose.)

— Jesse (@mankybam)

8. When diet advice spills over into family planning advice.

Helpful family planning advice from the BBC News channel - the natural option? #subtitlefail @BBCNews

— John Lloyd (@John_Lloyd)

9. The great snickers vs sniggering debacle.

10. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov? Close enough.

RT @PaulLewis: When person writing subtitles hasn't heard of Russian For Min Sergei Lavrov <-Best caption #fail ever!

— Jeremy Nicholl (@Russian_Photos)

11. Manchester United player Adnan Januzaj? That’ll do.

MOTD subtitles operator struggling with Adnan Januzaj's name: (via @MrChrisNeilson)

— The Poke (@ThePoke)

12. Benedict Cumberbatch? I mean, it’s not that far off.

How to spell Benedict Cumberbatch according to BBC subtitles

— Кати (@farmfeatures)

13. Won’t SOMEONE think of the hobbits in this god-damn war!?

Bit of a subtitle fail from the BBC... Nobody tell Bilbo, he won't be happy. #poorhobbit

— Danielle Atkinson (@RoxyMartinique)

14. This thrilling tennis commentary.

15. *Gulp*

“@joehealy1971: I knew times were bad, but... #subtitlefail ”

— Chris Ratcliffe (@ratcliffechris)

16. That time the Doctor was angry with his bow-tie.

17. Or when he was trembling with emotion.

18. When a colobus monkey added some real atmosphere to subtitling.

19. Yeah, these are not the Romulans you’re looking for.

20. When good footballers go bad.

Footballing cannibals! "Went on to eat their opponents..." #subtitlefail

— Wendy Bradley (@wendybradley)

21. No one knows how this one happened.

#subtitlefail #skysport @SkySports @Ofcom Fernando Torres IRA?

— Jak Hurley (@Jakarinho)

22. Play that funky mystery music, white boy.

23. That time the subtitlers really helped you to understand what’s going on.

24. Or when they got the placement of the caption JUST right.

25. Thanks, subtitle people.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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