This Cat Who Catches Mice At A Train Station Just Got Promoted

    Felix is now the official senior pest controller at Huddersfield train station.

    Think this is just a normal cat? Just sitting around doing cat stuff?

    WRONG. This is Felix, the official pest control manager at Huddersfield train station in West Yorkshire. She has a proper job title, a high-visibility vest, AND a name badge.

    Felix was given her smart new uniform last week when she was promoted by rail network Transpennine Express after five years of service, the Huddersfield Examiner reported.

    Felix was brought to the station aged just nine weeks, and she has become a firm favourite with commuters and station staff.

    Felix's Facebook page now has 8,500 likes, up from just 1,500 last week, and she has fans all over the world.

    But one of the humans/co-workers who looks after Felix told BuzzFeed News: "Well, the fame hasn't quite gone to her head. As with most cats, they already think the world revolves around them. She's getting more treats and more attention, so all in all she's very happy."

    Felix patrols the station platforms looking for any mice that might be lurking around.

    She's been spotted helping with customer enquiries.

    There's even a catflap on the station's ticket barrier so Felix can come and go as she pleases.

    It's the closest thing the U.K. has to Tama, the cat who was made a stationmaster at a station in Japan, before dying last summer.

    If you're travelling through Huddersfield sometime soon, make sure you say hello to Felix.

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