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    Thousands Of People Are Watching Goldfish Playing "Street Fighter II" On The Internet

    The showdown between Robert the Bruce and A.G. Aquarius will live through the ages.

    What happens when you take two angry goldfish, wire up their tank to power some SNES controllers, and let them loose on a no-holds-barred game of Street Fighter II? THIS HAPPENS.

    The fish battle every day from 7.30am to 10pm (from 12.30pm to 3am UK time) – check this video during those times or go to the site (outside those times the fish are having a rest).

    As you can see, the action is SCINTILLATING. / Via

    23-year-old software developer Andrew Hill, from Ontario, set up the stream on video game livestreaming site Twitch just over a week ago and it's now attracted nearly 14,000 followers.

    As the fish swim around their tank, they activate different buttons on the SNES controllers. "The fish do not actually fight each other in real life," Hill is keen to point out on his Twitch page.

    But they CAN do special move combos: if a fish moves in the right direction (from down to forward and a punch button, for Ryu or Ken's fireball) then they will trigger one. Although this seems to very rarely happen.

    The fish have very different fighting styles.

    Andrew says A.G. Aquarius "has an aggressive fighting style which relies on rapid movement and flowing combos. However, his headstrong approach in a match can become his undoing when he finds himself running directly into his opponent's fist over and over... and over... and over..."

    Whereas Robert the Bruce "is much more methodical in his technique, often pausing and waiting to counteract his opponents style, then striking at the most opportune moments."

    After five days it was 3-2 to Robert the Bruce – apparently his decision to go with Chun Li instead of Guile was a turning point.

    Some have accused Aquarius of being "too cocky", while Robert the Bruce has been seen "falling asleep on the kick button for an entire day".

    There is even Bruce / Aquarius fan art and a dedicated subreddit.

    I received this sick fan art, love the style. Check out more of the guy's work:

    Andrew Hill@FishPlaySF

    I received this sick fan art, love the style. Check out more of the guy's work:

    9:13 PM - 21 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Awesome artwork by Tannouh on Twitch!

    If fighting isn't your thing, you can also watch fish playing Pokémon Red / Blue here – and that gaming session has been going on for 24 days.

    Isn't the future amazing?

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