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This 18-Year-Old Woman Has Been Photographed Every Day Of Her Life

Suman Bansal's dad took a picture of her every day, from when she was in the womb to when she turned 18.

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This giant composite portrait of Suman Bansal is made of 6,575 pictures – her dad, Munish, has taken one every day of her life.

REX USA/Munish Bansal / Rex

Munish, 41, from Gillingham, decided to undertake the project while his wife, Rita, was pregnant. He says: "Initially it was a hard challenge, but it has become like a routine. Naturally, it is a big commitment."

The giant portrait was made for her 18th birthday last week.

But there were times when the project almost came unstuck. "There were a couple of occasions I can remember it almost didn't happen," he says. "Once my wife thought I had taken the photos and while I was at work they went to stay at their aunt's home for a night. I had to go to her house to take the photos, but luckily they don't live far.

"There was another occasion when I nearly missed them, because I was busy with my work and the children went to sleep, but it suddenly clicked: I had to wake up the children."

Does Suman mind being photographed every day? "Being photographed every day just feels like any normal day as I have grown up with it my whole life," she says.

"At times it can become irritating as I don't always feel my best especially when I am running late. I do not have a favourite picture because all are special. I cannot compare."

And then the young woman she is today.

Rex USA / Manish Bansal / Rex

Suman is doing her A-levels at the moment and is hoping to go to university in September, with ambitions to become a paediatric nurse. She says the photos will have to stop when she leaves home.

Watch all 6,500 photos of Suman growing up here:

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