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    This Woman Found An Immigrant In The Back Of Her Fiat Panda

    This trip had a very unexpected ending.

    You know that feeling when you drive back to England from France through the Channel Tunnel and you get home and there's a man hiding in the boot of your car? Sue Taber does.

    She travelled home to the Kent village of Shepherdswell from Spain on Thursday, and only noticed the man, whom she thought was aged between 18 and 20, when she arrived at her house and let her two dogs out of the back of her Fiat Panda.

    The young man shouted "I'm an orphan, I'm an orphan" before running away, she told BBC Radio Kent. Taber called the police, and the man was later arrested and placed in the care of immigration officials.

    He had spent a 53-mile journey undetected in the back of the relatively small car – she said she did feel something prodding her in the back but assumed it was a dog playing with something.

    I can't believe this happened, I just can't believe that this man got in my car. As I let the dogs out of the car, a leg protruded from behind my seats and a chap got out and said 'I'm an orphan, I'm an orphan', at which point I told him to get lost...This boy must have been 18 to 20. I don't know how he managed to fit in the car.My dog was going berserk but I thought she was looking for a ball, and I kept feeling somebody or something – somebody, now I know – nudge me in the back.I immediately called the police because I was more frightened about what he was going to do. I can't believe that it happened.

    The news comes as the tunnel's managers prepare to issue guidelines to their customers on how to avoid a similar experience.

    John Keefe, Eurotunnel's director of public affairs, told the BBC: "From this week we are starting to do this... It's a brand new phenomenon that migrants are targeting passenger services, whereas previously it was just trucks.

    "We're telling them to be vigilant themselves, lock their cars and not park up in unlit areas."

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